Mission Statement: To create a platform that empowers, supports, and inspires young entrepreneurs focused on impacting our community.

About Hmong Entrepreneurial Lending Purse (HELP):

Throughout our people’s short time living in the U.S., Hmong-American youth have been at the forefront of providing our community with resources and services needed to survive and flourish in this country. Our parents and elders succeeded in establishing the Hmong communities in the U.S. in the same way we want to continue strengthening our people: through building on connections and bridging different networks within the Hmong community. In this way, we can work together towards furthering the global Hmong community, and local Hmong-American communities.

At HELP, we will support the tradition of youth-led innovation within our Hmong community by serving as a financial resource and networking platform for young Hmong individuals I their pursuit of becoming entrepreneurs. 

Our parents (as are many Hmong parents) have always been proponents of the American Dream. Growing up, they would constantly remind us of how hard they worked to get our families to America and emphasize the plethora of opportunities we have access to in this country. They would also strongly urge us to go into the ‘respectable’ and profitable professions, such as becoming a medical doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc. Fortunately for all of us, today, there are many more Hmong professionals in these areas than when our parents came to this country 40 years ago. 

Since we have already gained huge successes in these career fields, and will definitely continue to do so; at HELP, we envision the next level of success within the Hmong community as growing entrepreneurship and business ownership. 

We already have a strong presence of Hmong-owned businesses in the Twin Cities, which exist in hubs such as Hmong Village, HmongTown Market, and at our biannual festivals (Hmong New Year and July Fourth Freedom Festival). Many of our parents and elders have paved the way for us in terms of starting their own food booths, clothing stands, and restaurants. We recognize this success, and want to build on it. Let’s keep expanding the number of different products and services provided to our Hmong community, as well as the greater community. By diversifying Hmong business, we will continue to sustain our entrepreneurial community’s economic success by supporting each other. 

As a social platform, our services expand the audience of an organization or individual entrepreneur’s network within our entrepreneurial community. We do this through highlighting the products or services of the organization/entrepreneur, and by documenting events hosted by these entities with high-quality and engaging videography. We are creating a social platform that connects our entrepreneurial community members to one another in order to continue inspiring one another and encouraging each other to pursue our passions. As a crew of high-energy, enthusiastic, and compassionate individuals, we aim to support our collaborators by bringing this energy to all of our projects. Because we are a community of [entrepreneurs, Hmong people, etc], we at HELP know that our community’s success will only come if we build upon each other and inspire one another.

In addition to providing an extensive social platform and network, we are working towards creating a start-fund to provide monetary resources to one individual entrepreneur annually. This funding is intended to give an individual entrepreneur a boost to ensure their ideas and creativity come to life.

We see and believe that there are millions of great ideas that never come to full fruition. If you have any further questions, and/or would like to be a pivotal partner in sponsoring or funding this initiative, please message us on Facebook or email us at committee.HELP@gmail.com.