My name is Chris Her, and I’m a true Minnesota man: I was born in Minneapolis, then I lived in Saint Paul during my  childhood, and for my adolescent years up until the present I’ve called White Bear Lake my home. I love jamming to hip-hop, reading and discovering new poetry, playing football, or taking photos of the food I eat. I love finding hidden gems in the Twin Cities with friends and am currently on the search for the best cocktail lounge.  I always enjoy meaningful and philosophical conversations, please reach out to me if you want to grab a coffee, lunch, or hang out. 

As the President of HELP, my roles includes supporting staff, reaching out to and connecting with other organizations to collaborate with, and mapping the direction of the organization. I started HELP because I believe in the potential of people. I have always wanted to be a part of building the foundation for people who I care about. In addition to providing the building blocks for a strong community, I aim to help others become and embrace the best versions of themselves.  

While I hold HELP’s mission and vision close to my heart, I’ve always been passionate about giving back to my community. As far back as I can remember, I have always found ways to include everyone and look for ways to share what I can offer to the people I love. Whether this meant making sure all of my peers felt that they could participate in recess games, or speaking up against injustice in our community, I pride myself in looking out for others. One significant moment I can remember was when I lived on the East Side of Saint Paul. My mom and I were driving back home from the grocery store and she had bought me an 8 oz. orange juice as a treat. I remember the feeling of joy as if it were yesterday: I drank half of the bottle on my way home, and even though I would have enjoyed the entire bottle, I saved the other half for my younger brother. My family was never rich, but we knew the value of money and how important it would be in our futures, even from a young age and in regards to the luxuries of life. 

Moments of selflessness and compassion define a person for the better, and I want to be there to support others in realizing the amazing power of helping one another. This could be through giving back directly to the community, building our community with one’s brilliant ideas and insight, encouraging others to be courageous enough to take a stand for what they believe in, or helping others realize their own potential. 

Please reach out to me if you want to grab a coffee, lunch, or even go window shopping!