I founded HELP with my friends because I believe that there are too many great ideas that struggle to be actualized. I realized that all it would take for these ideas to be successful would be more guidance and support to cultivate the project, which is what I hope HELP can provide for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. I love listening to and learning people’s stories and their ideas about how to make the world better. With HELP, I want to aid those I meet in reaching larger audiences with their ideas and life stories. I passionately believe in the success that each and every person possesses. I believe that our organization can provide a platform for those who have amazing innovations and projects to share their ideas with the world and gain exposure for their passions. Not only will this be of benefit to our community as a whole, but it will also bring success to the individuals themselves. 

As the Vice President of HELP, my role is to co-create and co-lead creative projects to promote entrepreneurship. Another part of my role is to reach out to members of our community and engage them in the work that we’re doing at HELP. For instance, I might approach you to have a conversation or interview you at a local event or gathering. I’m always open to conversations so please feel free to stop me and say hi if we see each other! My goal is to create enjoyable and engaging content for our community that is entertaining while still getting the word out about phenomenal individuals. 

Aside from building our community, I am a street fashion enthusiast, self-proclaimed sneaker head, and a fisherman. I know these are quite a weird combination of passions however it is what makes me dope! I love street fashion as a way to express myself through the articles of clothing I wear on my body. Growing up as a kid with parents who had enough just to get by, I always had the opportunity to get a new affordable shoe once a year. Now that I’ve grown up a bit, I now have opportunities to purchase shoes that I have dreamed of owning as a child. Other sneakerheads will likely be able to relate, and for others this might sound silly, but a passion is a passion! Fishing is my therapy, nothing beats the feeling of hooking on a fish on a nice summer day. Fishing is my escape from stress. 

This is the recipe that makes me who I am. If you all are interested in the same hobbies or just want to chat, let’s have a discussion! I am always open to having a conversation about anything!